The Wisdom of Juan

August 21, 2008

Over the past few weeks I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with an awesome guy by the name of Juan Ruiz of Hyro. He’s an exceedingly wise man and has taught me a lot about his trade as a user experience architect. Amongst the many gems that he’s enlightened me with lately, 3 in particular have stood out:


“When presenting/unveiling new designs for review never create an atmosphere that suggests the design is final. Make a point that it is unfinished and invite suggestion. This way rather than criticise, your audience is more likely to buy in and take ownership of the design and thus aid in improving it”


“When taking notes in a meeting always confine them to or collate them into a single list. This way you can succinctly wrap up the meeting with a clear summary of what was discussed and perform a final check that everyone is clear on any decisions made. It also has the added bonus of making the people in the room feel like they were truly heard.”


“You can more easily convince a person of your argument and debunk theirs through the asking of questions rather than simply stating your point of view. Questions have the ability to expose the holes in ones arguments without mounting a direct assault upon the person. Carefully chosen questions will allow the opposing party to convince themselves of the soundness of your own position without causing them to lose face. Furthermore, a person convinced of themselves will thereafter champion your cause their own, as you have created the illusion that they arrived at that conclusion of their own violition.”


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