Jumpstart GWT Development with Cypal Studio

August 26, 2008

Creating and running GWT projects from the command line isn’t all that hard, but it isn’t all that convenient either if you’re an Eclipse user. If you’ve read my previous post on Integrating Spring with GWT you would have seen that we still had to manually package and deploy the application to the app server before running up the hosted mode browser. This is quite different to a regular Eclipse Dynamic Web Project (part of the Eclipse Web Tools Platform) which allows you to automatically publish your project to the app server.

Creating a GWT module with Cypal Studio

Creating a GWT module with Cypal Studio

Thankfully there is a way to add a GWT facet to Dynamic Web Projects in Eclipse. It comes in the form of a third party plugin from development shop Cypal. Cypal Studio for GWT allows you to hook into your existing GWT SDK and add the GWT facet to your new/existing WTP project. From there you can go on developing your GWT application as you would a regular Dynamic Web Project in Eclipse and add the GWT stuff as you go. IMO this is a fantastic piece of work and really lowers the barrier to entry for developers new to GWT scene but who are already familiar with Eclipse.

To get started download Cypal Studio for GWT here, and then follow the instructions here.


One Response to “Jumpstart GWT Development with Cypal Studio”

  1. Prakash Says:

    Thanks for blog entry on Cypal Studio.

    BTW the current version depends on the heavy WTP. Few items like running in hosted mode or creating the Async file doesn’t need WTP at all. So in next version, a sleek one without WTP dependency will be shipped. That will be very useful for a normal Eclipse user, who just has JDT.

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